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2. RFU Code of Conduct - Parents & Supporters

Parents Pitchside Behaviour / RFU Code of Conduct

It is with regret and embarrassing that I find myself having to write to our membership and parents, regarding the above topic.

Last season, we unfortunately experienced a number of serious breaches to the RFU code of conduct. This quite simply cannot happen and will not be tolerated at West Bridgford RFC.

Rugby is a contact sport, which in itself brings it's own issues regarding the players. There will naturally be times when accidents/ injuries are sustained by our players, both within and outside the laws of the game. Our coaches and referees are trained to deal with such situations.

It is therefore totally inappropriate, dangerous and unacceptable that any parent should set foot onto the field of play, unless asked to do so by the relevant coach or referee. Within the RFU code of conduct, which is available to read both in the clubhouse and website (www.wbrfc.co.uk), guidelines are very clear.

In addition to this, foul language in front of young players or any contact with any child is a serious offence and will be dealt with severely by the club or the Police.

As always with any sport, 99% of spectators and players behave accordingly, it is the 1% that unfortunately let themselves and the club down. We feel that as a club, it is important to remind all our parents that whilst signing your child's membership forms at the beginning of the season, you acknowledged our club policies, which includes the RFU code of conduct.

The club reserves the right to withdraw membership of the club as it sees fit. Unfortunately, this may mean that the behaviour of a parent may lead to a junior playing member being withdrawn from the club.

Dilwyn Evans
West Bridgford RFC


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